Danse oversigt for holdene indtil nu

Oversigt over alle lærte danse fra alle hold indtil nu.


Efterårssæson 2018 / Forårssæson 2019
  Mandag   Torsdag 1   Torsdag 2  


Begynder/ Let øvethold


Come Dance With Me Champagne Promise One Hundred
Why did it have to be me

I Close my Eyes

Why did it have to be me
Tomorrow Never Knows Shake, rattle and roll Love flow
I Close My Eyes So Just Dance I Close my Eyes
Lonely Drum Light Up The World Get It Right
Love me love All The Kings Horses The Yellow And Green
Speak To The Sky Texas Time Pull You Through
Rio Groovy Love Graffiti
Ticket to the Blues Graffiti Baby Vanotek Cha
Be there in your morning Music in my eyes Soldier
Like Coca Cola in Hollywood   Dig Your Heels
Gypsy Queen   Groovy love
    Hold a candle
    Oh Me Oh My Oh


Efterårssæson 2017 / Forårssæson 2018
  Mandag   Torsdag 1   Torsdag 2  




Broken Heart Be There In Your Morning 1159
Eye Candy Love Me Love Me Bored
Mamma Maria Dance With Me Tonight The Most beautiful Girl
Honky Tonk Stomp Early In The Morning Early In The Morning
Little Kiss me Honey Simple Things Simple Things
Stroll Along Cha My Veronica Amame
Lindi Shuffle Some Girls Will Gentleman
Diamond Dixie Li. Perfect Alvaro
Crazy Postman The Most beautiful Girl Blessed
Ghost Train Lonely Drum Every Time She Walks by
Waltz Across Texas M & D Perfect
Mini Marianna Missing Lonely Drum
Cowboy Charleston   All The KIng's Horses
Early In The Morning   M & D
Wake me Up And Stay   Story
Sweet Sweet Smile   No Panic
I Love A Rainy Night    
Irish Stew    
Li. Perfect    
Tennesse Waltz Surprise    
Dance with me tonight beginner    
This & That    
The Most Beautiful Girl    


Efterårssæson 2016 / Forårssæson 2017
  Onsdag   Torsdag 1   Torsdag 2  
  Irish Stew Irish Spirit
Some Girls Will Shakin Mix Slamming Doors
Reasons For My Tears Heart Of An Angel YES!
Never Ever Go away Like Coca cola in Holywood Reasons for my Tears
Like Coca cola in Holywood Hill Billy Rock Hill Billy Roll Like Coca cola in Holywood
Gypsy Queen 1234 Never Ever Go Away
Dear Future Husband Tennessee waltz surprise Corazon Diamante
Your Heaven Tag on Dear Future husband 
Tag On Your Heaven  Tag on
So Just Dance Long hot Night Your Heaven 


Efterårssæson 2015 / Forårssæson 2016
  Tirsdag   Onsdag   Torsdag   Torsdag  
Øvet +
Ticket To The Blues
( Årets dans)
And Get It On Ticket To The Blues ( Årets dans) Jump On A Ride
Far From The Charts
( Årets dans)
Den Allersidste Dans Den Allersidste Dans The Bomp
Dreams I Dream Money Loving Valentine Lets Marvin Gaye AB  And Get It On
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood Far From The Charts ( Årets dans) Wake Me Up And Stay Lately
Rock And Roll Kiss Lately Caballero Mini Come As You are
And Get It On The Bomp Baby Wondertrain Long Hot Night
It Feels Like Rock ´n Roll
( Årets dans)
Long Hot Night When I Need You Far From The Charts ( Årets dans)
Tell The World ( Årets dans) Lord Help Me T'morrow Never Knows Better When I´m Dancin'
Come As You are Ticket To The Blues
( Årets dans)
Money Loving Valentine New Shade Of Blue
Written in Scars Better When I´m Dancin' New Shade Of Blue Save The day
Boops New Shade Of Blue Lord Help Me Locklin´s Bar
Alvaro Save The day 9 to 5  
Locklins Bar Locklin´s Bar Love to trust  
Second Hand Heart   The Bomp  
Open My Eyes      
Better When I´m Dancin'      
Those Russians      
Save The day      
Big Blue Tree      
Mony Mony      
Suspicious Minds      
Mom The Bomp!